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Registered Miniature Donkeys


Quarter Horses

Miniature Tack & Stable Products

JG Sunrise Acres

~          Justin & Jackie Gross

JG Sunrise Acres is proud to offer great quality registered Miniature Donkeys and Quarter Horses to your family. Our quarter horses are a great hobby of ours and on occasion we will be offering some of our horses up for sale. Growing up with horses all my life and being in horse 4-H, we take the time to produce and train the all-around family horse. They are versatile and dependable. Their abilities range from the show pen in either western and english, or for pleasure on the trail, and even some great cattle cutting lines. We pay attention to the little details on their ground manners and their attitudes. Our horses are customized to everything from quads, children, other critters, and loud crazy noises. Overall, we enjoy our horses and hope you do too!

Just new to the wonderful world of miniature donkeys, we have no regrets. We started off with getting our first min. donkey Lily before the birth of our first child. We absolutely love our little donkeys for the children. They are very kind, calm, and respectful towards our busy children. We got into miniature donkeys thinking they were great pets, but have recently been introduced to a variety of things your donkey can do:

  • Make great pets for any age of people, but especially children because of their kind, docile, and loving nature
  • Wonderful companions for your equine friends; either the retired or family horse
  • Fearless livestock protectors, they are brave little guard animals against predators
  • An excellent hobby of showing and training your donkeys, which include halter, trail, and even driving classes
  • Creating your own reputable breeding program and business

We have now gone in the direction of breeding our own miniature donkeys to produce a variety of different colours with quality conformation that we will be offering for sale for pleasure or competition. Our future plans are to train and prepare our donkeys for competition in shows for halter and hopefully performance classes too. Even have a few for driving and pulling carts. Just like our horses, every little detail counts! We absolutely love of our little donkeys, and it's something that the whole family can do.

Thanks for taking the time to read about our little farm. If there is something you may like or have any questions, don't hesitate to e-mail or call us. I love to talk about donkeys and horses. And if I do not have what you are looking for, I may be able to pass you along to others that might. Take care and talk to you soon.